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Brand new roof air conditioner

  • Brand new roof air conditioner
Brand new roof air conditioner
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Fresh air roof air conditioners can be widely used for fresh air operation in air-conditioning places in metallurgical, chemical, mechanical, electronic, and electric power industries. It is also suitable for providing fresh air pretreatment in comfortable air environments such as hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, and office buildings. The cooling capacity of this series of products ranges from 28kW to 340kW, and the air volume ranges from 2100m³/h to 25000m³/h, which can meet the needs of different industries. The new wind rooftop air conditioner products implement the national standard GB/T 20738-2006 "Rooftop Air Conditioner". This series of products have the following characteristics:

(1) Complete specifications: There are traditional series products such as single cooling type and heat pump type, and non-standard design according to customer needs to meet users' requirements for various cooling and air volumes;

(2) Multiple functions can be freely combined: refrigeration, heating, humidification, dehumidification, air purification, noise reduction, air volume and cold volume control and other functions can be freely combined and configured;

(3) Free placement: the unit can be placed indoors or outdoors;

(4) Equipped with excellent brand accessories: use brand scroll compressors or screw compressors, centrifugal blowers, and throttle components using Danfoss thermal expansion valves;

(5) Humanized control method: adopts microcomputer control, touch screen display, full Chinese operation, reliable operation, fault self-diagnosis and fault alarm functions; simplified operating environment, menu prompts, can set the unit running time and status arbitrarily , To realize the automatic monitoring of the unit;

(6) Multiple protections: The unit is equipped with high and low voltage, power supply, delayed start, overload short circuit, motor overheating and other protections, and the operation is reliable;