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Ceiling Type Air Handling Unit

  • Ceiling Type Air Handling Unit
Ceiling Type Air Handling Unit
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Jirong Ceiling-type Air Handling Unit (AHU) has the air treatment functions of ventilation, cooling (with dehumidification), heating and air filtration and so on. Rated air volume ranges from 2000-10000m3/h, total pressure 150-300Pa, Cooling capacity: 12-165 kW, Heating capacity: 18-148kW. The AHU unit is sorted into types: standard units and fresh air units, with 7 specifications respectively.

The AHU unit is mainly used in comfort air-conditioning system of large-scale public buildings, such as high-rise buildings, hotels, restaurants, theatres, shopping malls and gymnasiums and so on.

①.  High quality and superior performance: main components are selected from international branded product, such as fan, motor, humidifier, filter, heat exchanger, aluminum fins, and key parts for control system and so on.

②.   Reliable quality: Jirong owns internationally advanced testing center, ensuring unit performance through inspection on air volume, air pressure, cooling capacity and heating capacity.

③.   Compact structure with small height, suitable for ceiling suspended installation.

④.   Built-in steel structure frame, firm and durable, good heat insulation and air-tightness.
Built-in steel framework, with flush joint for all panels, ensuring smooth surface and beautiful appearance.
Quality cold-rolled steel plate for steel framework, firm with good mechanical strength, maximum static pressure 1000Pa.
Anti-cold bridge design for case body. The panel adopts quality steel plate electrostatic spraying with pure polyester and high temperature solidification or colour-coated steel plate. 25mm thickness of super fine glass wool for insulation material.
Sealing strip between panel and framework, ensuring air-tightness and insulation of the unit. The leakage rate of the unit is less than 3%.

⑤.  High efficiency heat exchanger: the surface cooler and heater are made of copper tube and double sine-wave type aluminum fins, and conducted by mechanical expansion. The surface cooler is sized of 4, 6, and 8 rows.

⑥.   Integral water pan effectively prevents water drop penetration into ceiling.