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Fan Coil Unit

  • Fan Coil Unit
Fan Coil Unit
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Jirong Fan Coil has the air treatment functions of ventilation, cooling and heating and so on. Rated air volume ranges from 340-2380m3/h, cooling capacity: 1.8-12.6 kW, heating capacity: 2.7-18.9kW. The fan coils are divided into 7 types in accordance with air volume. There are 12Pa, 30Pa and 50Pa for each type. Lower return mode or back return mode are available. There are several installation methods, such as concealed installation, open installation, wall mounted installation and cassette installation, meeting clients’ various requirements.

①.   High quality and superior performance: main components are selected from international branded product, such as fan, motor, humidifier, heat exchanger, aluminum fins, and key parts for control system and so on.

②.   Reliable quality: Jirong owns internationally advanced testing center, ensuring unit performance through inspection on air volume, air pressure, cooling capacity and heating capacity.

③.   Compact structure with small height, suitable for ceiling suspended installation.

④.   Efficient heat exchanger: the surface cooler and heater are made of copper tube and double sine-wave type aluminum fins, and conducted by mechanical expansion.

⑤.   Integral water pan: made by stretch forming and covered with thermoplastic PE insulation board, ensuring free condensation.