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Pre-conditioned Air Unit

  • Pre-conditioned Air Unit
Pre-conditioned Air Unit
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The unit adopts branded components and intelligent control system. The unit is highly automatic, safe and reliable, and energy-saving. By providing ventilation, cooling, dehumidification and heating and filtered air to aircraft, the unit can create comfortable cabin environment for passengers and crew members during pre-flight, post-flight or maintenance.

①.   All fresh air, all electric power drive and direct evaporative refrigerating technology, all-weather operation for the whole year.

②.   Integral design, structural style includes bridge mounted, apron mounted and mobile mounted style.

③.   Multi-stage refrigeration system design meets requirements of low temperature and stable volume.

④.   Low noise and high pressure centrifugal fan meet requirements of low noise and high static pressure.

⑤.  Variable frequency technology, air volume and static pressure adjustable and suitable for various needs of different types of aircrafts and requirements of electric energy saving.

⑥.   Multi-safety protection function, high reliability.

⑦.   Air-supply ramp time synchronization for cooling or heating control under extreme environment, preventing hot air when cooling or cold air when heating, and making more comfortable cabin environment.

⑧.   Remote monitoring function, providing remote inspection on unit operation via network, and maintenance advice.

⑨.   Optional accessories: air hose, hose basket and aircraft connector, easy operation

⑩.  Product series includes models of 45USTR, 60USTR, 75USTR, 90USTR, 110UST and 120USTR. Available refrigerants: R22, R407C and R134a.