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Grain Chillers

  • Grain Chillers
Grain Chillers
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Grain Chiller is used for low temperature grain storage. Through low-temperature and humidity treatment, it can prevent damage caused by insects and mildew, and reduce loss caused by grain respiration and grain transfer, achieving aims of keeping the fresh-harvest-scent and long-time storage without quality loss. The unit is reliable with high control precision and easy operation. It is widely used in silos and feed mills in tropical and temperate areas.

①.   All fresh air, energy regulation for refrigerating system, ensuring stable output parameter of the unit under dynamic environment.

②.   Integral mobile type, easy operation and able to be moved to specific occasions as per requirements.

③.   Variable frequency technology, saving electric energy effectively; high-static air supply ensuring thorough cooling of grains.

④.   Recycle of condensation heat, for energy efficiency and low operation cost.

⑤.   Multi-safety protection function, high reliability.

⑥.   Product series includes models of GLA60 and GLA78; Available refrigerants: R22 and R407C.