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JRDBS chemical filter unit

  • JRDBS chemical filter unit
JRDBS chemical filter unit
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JRDBS air purifier is mainly composed of cabinet, fan power system, pre-filter system, chemical filter system (2-4 level), post-filter system, heating and cooling system and electrical control system. The rated air volume ranges from 1250 to 12000m3/h, the cooling capacity ranges from 18 to 175 kW, the heat volume is from 20 to 200 kW, and the total pressure of the fan can reach more than 2000Pa. There are 10 specifications of JRDBS air purifiers.

Air purifiers are mainly used in control rooms in industries such as pulp, paper, electric power, oil refining, petrochemical and metallurgy.

1. Box

  JRDBS air purifier adopts a steel frame structure, the box body panel is double-layer sprayed steel plate, and the middle is 30mm polyurethane insulation material.

  Optional configuration: outer color steel plate, inner stainless steel plate, 50mm polyurethane insulation material, etc.

2. Efficient and stable power system

Power system: The fan is a centrifugal fan with high static pressure, low noise and high efficiency, with carbon steel surface spraying, and stainless steel materials can be used for special requirements; the motor adopts high-quality, high-efficiency grade configuration (F grade insulation, IP55), and high quality Bearings and special powerful belts.

  The fan system has two installation methods: pressure-out design (fresh air treatment and indoor circulation) and suction design (exhaust air treatment).

3. The front-end pre-filter system removes dust particles in the air.

  The pre-filtration system adopts G4 plate-type primary effect and F7 plate-type medium-efficiency filter to efficiently remove dust particles in the air and protect the chemical filter system from dust pollution. The filter is equipped with a pressure difference monitoring device.

4. Chemical filtration system, efficient purification of gaseous pollutants

  JRDBS air purifier adopts a multi-layer designed deep-bed chemical gas filter device. Through chemical adsorption and physical adsorption, it can absorb a large amount of corrosive gas, and the purification efficiency is as high as 99%. The deep-bed chemical filter device is a wall structure with a thickness of 300mm and a surface wind speed ≤0.5m/s. The total residence time of the treated polluted air in the chemical filter is ≥1.2 seconds.

  The standard configuration of the chemical filter layer is double layers, and up to 6 levels of filtration are optional.

5. The end high-efficiency filtration system ensures the cleanness of the air sent into the room

  The end high efficiency filtration system adopts F8 high and medium efficiency filter. The filter is equipped with a pressure difference monitoring device.

6. Heating system and cooling system

  JRDBS purification equipment is equipped with a heating system and a cooling system as standard for heating and cooling the air.

  A. The standard configuration of the heating system is hot water heating, and electric heating is optional.

  B. The standard configuration of the cooling system is a surface cooler, with an optional evaporator (with outdoor unit, including compressor and condenser).

7. Control System 

  JRDBS purification equipment is controlled by an intelligent LCD controller. The controller can display the working status of the purification equipment in real time, with equipment failure alarms and maintenance prompts. The equipment is equipped with a fire-fighting and fire alarm interface. After receiving the fire-fighting signal, the equipment will automatically shut down.

  JRDBS can be equipped with combustible gas (or other dangerous gas) sensors. When the combustible gas in the air reaches the dangerous limit, the equipment will automatically shut down and give an alarm.