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Air-Cooled Cooling/Heating Water Chiller
Name : Air-Cooled Cooling/Heating Water Chiller

This series of products is researched and developed in 1993, with cooling capacity ranging from 29.2kw to 948.5kw. After continuous improvement and development, the unit is widely used in various industries.

①.   Compact structure and simple appearance, simple pipeline design with external pipe connection only, easy installation and maintenance.

②.   Intelligent control, automatically adjust the number of compressors in service upon operating load change, ensuring optimal performance with high efficiency at any time.

③.   State-of-the-art imported semi-hermetic double-screw compressor (gear ratio 5:6), with energy control device, achieving multi-stage or step-less energy regulation.

④.   Microcomputer control system, powerful functions such as safety protection, communication, fault diagnosis, automatic adaptation and so on.

⑤.   Main refrigeration parts selected from branded products at home and board, superior performance, reliable operation, small vibration and low noise.

⑥.   Multiple protection functions: high and low pressure protection, oil level protection, anti-freezing protection, phase sequence protection, phase loss protection; insufficient water flow protection and compressor motor overheat protection.

⑦.   All-year-round refrigeration. For heat recovery unit, hot water is available during refrigeration.

⑧.   Environmentally friendly refrigerants: R134a, R407c, etc.

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